• $7.99

***Please message us your text content & font when you purchase.***
  • Personalised iron on labels for kids using at school, childcare, preschool. 
  • By default, we print labels with font 1(Arial rounded, center align). Please advise If you'd like to use other font (choose from below)

Price is for :

45 x medium size (30x13mm) OR,

30 x large size (46x20mm) 

How to apply the Iron On Label

1.  Firstly you put the sticker facing up (the front with the text) on the area 

    where you want to stick it.   

2. Place the non-stick paper over the label like  a tissue or baking paper. 

3. You then get your iron heated up(150-160 degrees) and press down firmly 

    without moving the iron for 15~20 seconds.(DO NOT MOVE THE IRON)  

4. Can be washed with warm water but do not water use over 40 degrees.

※ If it is a steam iron make sure that the steam does not come out then you may use it.
※ You cannot use it for a clothing such as a swimming costume that you can't iron 


***Please message us your text content & font when you purchase.***



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