Loz Eternal Flower Potted Plant Bonsai Succulent Cactus 1657 1658 1659 1660 1661 1670 1671 1672 1245 1246 1284 1285

  • $24.90

What's is better than having colourful flowers or stylish bonsai and green succulents around? 

Pieces various depends on style
Block Size 5mm x 5mm x 8mm
Product Material Eco-friendly ABS plastic
Includes Building Blocks, Paper instructions, Box

Discover The Timeless Beauty Of Loz Eternal Flower Collection At Shine Kids World

There's a good reason why our Loz Blocks are some of the most popular toys among kids today. The process of creating your own toys and stories can be exciting. The potential is endless with these amazing building blocks!

They're much more than just a diversion. Learning blocks are fun with Loz! Learn why blocks are a good investment and how to make the most of yours.

What Makes Our Loz Blocks So Appealing To Kids?

For healthy development, children need time to play. A child's playtime is an important time for personal and social development. They develop both their physical and mental faculties. Many kids pick up social skills and language skills during play.

Playing has many advantages, and it's also fun, which is why it's so effective for kids' development. For a child to flourish, playtime — both organised and free — is essential.

Destructive Play Game

Destructive play theme is beneficial for youngsters. For adults, this may look like chaos, but a toddler sees order! Tossing, picking up, and stacking objects only to have them fall apart teaches the child about cause and effect.

They develop skills in grasping and tossing objects more precisely and discover the concept of interlocking shapes. Loz block pieces, like the Loz eternal flower pieces, specifically designed for younger children, stand out thanks to their vibrant colours. In particular, this effect can be seen in the development of fine motor skills. A child's ability to put items together relies on the dexterity of their fingers and the developed muscles in their hands.

Loz play accelerates this development because a child chooses pieces of varying sizes, rotates them, fits them together, and takes them apart.


Our Loz block sets help kids learn to concentrate because they require patience, just like our Loz eternal flower. Building successfully takes discipline, whether that's the kind required to carefully follow directions or something else entirely.

Putting something together is a great way to teach kids that concentration pays off in the end, and it also teaches them patience and persistence, all of which are valuable life skills.

Communication and collaboration

It's not necessary to do Loz blocks alone. Our collection includes many large sets that can be used to facilitate cooperative play among many children or between children and their parents.

We have a number of larger sets so that adults and kids can work together on a structure. Assigning each child a specific job to do during construction is a great way to get them talking to each other and working together. There are some sets, like holiday sets, that can be enjoyed by the whole family every year.

Playing with blocks, like Loz, is a proven way to gauge kids' mental capacities, and it also likely teaches them valuable life skills. So if you're considering buying your child a gift like a Loz eternal flower, visit our website and browse our selection right away! You can also email us if you need any assistance: info@shinekidsworld.com.au.

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