LOZ 1211 Black Seas Barracuda

  • $49.99

Pieces 653
Block Size 5mm x 5mm x 8mm
Product Material Eco-friendly ABS plastic
Includes Building Blocks, Paper instructions, Box

  • Assemble 653 blocks to make a pirate ship model worthy of the Captain’s desk
  • A vibrant model with pirate flags and sails, set on a 17.3cm-long present base
  • LOZ conforms to all safety necessities, not acceptable for children beneath three years
  • Consists of easy-to-follow instructions with images

Fascinated by the story of the Titanic? Intrigued by the secrets and techniques and methods of the Santa Maria, Christopher Columbus’s largest vessel? Maybe you’re keen on additional stylish ships akin to aircraft carriers? Successfully now, due to diamond blocks, it’s possible you’ll get your restore and experience hours of block setting up gratifying in a single go! Let your creativeness set sail with our awe-inspiring LOZ Blocks Ships items.

Lifelike with an extreme stage of ingredients, these micro blocks items will fulfill your need for historic and structural accuracy along with your craving for cool setting up toys. A ship-in-a-bottle is one issue, nonetheless, our micro blocks ships are merely one of the best!

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