About us

LOZ Blocks are the littlest building blocks on the planet. These precious stone blocks are smaller scale measured - the littlest piece being a minor 4mm x 4mm x 5mm. The little block measure empowers you to work in incredible details, and the building procedure is intended to be both instructive and a good time for the children and grown-ups.

LOZ small scale blocks are made of safe, non-lethal material. The blocks arrive in a variety of brilliant hues, and each piece has adjusted corners and a smooth surface. They bolt together utilizing a "tube" framework that is comparable as a result to Lego blocks, which means they are amazingly simple to work with. Exceedingly nitty gritty and practical, completed models make adorable show pieces! Manufacture your own hero group, encircle yourself with shocking untamed life models, or make a cool road scene with in a split second conspicuous structures - there's brief comment to all ages and capacities. To safeguard and upgrade your completed form, you can even purchase show cases and LED light bases. 

All cases contain free LOZ nano precious stone blocks. Clear building directions with pictures for each progression are given - the means make it simple for kids matures 6+ to comprehend which pieces they have to utilize and where to put them. We painstakingly check each bundle to guarantee it contains guidelines, the right hues, and the appropriate measure of blocks. If it's not too much trouble note LOZ Blocks are NOT appropriate for youngsters under 3 years, as they display a stifling danger.