The market for plastic toys is at a tipping point. It seems like Lego has cornered the market on brick-building toys. Even though they have a corporate headquarters, an animated film, video games, and so much other merchandise that you'll go broke when you try to purchase it all, they still don't sell mini Lego Loz.

Our mini Loz block construction kits in Australia come in a wide variety of Loz lego sets and concepts, making them a great substitute for Lego's building bricks. The sets have a Lego-like aesthetic and function, but their construction is unique; the brick shapes and sizes are not the same. It's difficult to find genuine Loz mini blocks in Australia and are unquestionably addictive.

What Sets Our Loz Bricks Apart from Lego?

Our Loz bricks are a must-have for Lego fans! They come in a variety of colours and designs, so you'll be able to find one that will go perfectly with your play area. The bricks are sturdy, making them perfect for indoor or outdoor use. You can even create your own designs! So, go ahead and place your Loz bricks order now! Or if you want to read more about our collections, keep reading!

Our Quality Speaks For Itself

How many Legos can you buy with $8? With this sum, you can probably afford to purchase one unit from the set. However, with our Loz range, you can spend about an hour joyfully constructing a kit from the series, which includes Superheroes, Famous Buildings, for $7 or less. It’s well worth the price!

Anything even remotely decent in the Lego universe can be expensive. The entire $25 bucket is usually filled with things you don't need.

Size Is Important

A lot of room is needed for Legos. The Simpson's House is the entry point into Legoland, and it's a massive piece of Lego property. You blink, and you're one of those people who spent thousands of dollars on a loft conversion so they could have a place to show off their plastic-brick miniature homes.

With Loz Blocks in Australia, there's no need for all that baggage because each Loz lego set occupies so little room that you can purchase as many as you'd like without transforming your home into an extravagant Lego shrine. Visit the Shine Kids World website to browse our vast range.

Everyone Enjoys A Good Challenge

It takes about an hour to assemble each set, and the tiny parts only add to the challenge. When you factor in the instructions, which can be riddled with Japanese signs and strange graphs, you've got a challenge that's much tougher than anything.

One wrong step and the whole thing will fall apart because of how delicate the pieces are.

If you're looking for Loz blocks in Australia now that you know how Loz blocks are better, go to the Shine Kids World website and shop them today! You can also email us if you need any assistance: info@shinekidsworld.com.au.